Danger may have been seen as harsh when she rebuffed Warlock’s initial attempts to impress her, but she has good reason to be wary of any male-identifying digital mind trying to get her attention, as even AIs aren’t safe from “nice guys”.

Astonishing X-Men #43: Whispering Machines, by James Asmus and David Yardin


Love: A Character Flaw; and other lessons from Emma Frost.

“You are still so young, you still believe and trust people… and you wish to be loved. It is, of course, a character flaw, but a tolerable one. Unfortunately there is no shortage of pathetically selfish people who will exploit that, especially boys. One might even consider your first heartbreak/betrayal/eternal imprisonment of the opposite sex to be a rite of passage. So congratulations, you’re one step closer to knowing what it is to be human.”

– Emma Frost (Astonishing X-Men #43)

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