Something we’re doing… well, I’m pretty sure we’re going to be doing this. You know, shops do their own covers occasionally, and we have got a few shops interested in this. And one of the covers is that Matt took the existing cover, and did a very different treatment on it. And we thought “What if we got some other colourists to do this?” Jordie Bellaire’s doing one, for example. So our alternate covers for these different retailers, which we can also put online as a kind of gallery, will basically be a bit of a statement about how colourists are important, and what colourists can bring to the page, and how they do things differently. And I think in the current state of the industry, that felt like… well, firstly a bit of a giggle, but also a pointed thing to do? And the same goes for putting Clayton’s name on the cover. It’s this egalitarian thing, and the fact that we can do these things means we will do these things.

Okay – I’m pulling a second quote out of  the Panel Beats interview, as it’s something I want to highlight. This is important.

Respect colourist. Respect letterers.

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