It’s a pretty labor-intensive medium, and it looks easy. So you put in a lot more time than you’d think, often for much less money than you’d think, and the rates are so low that you’re often skirting financial disaster as a result. So the next time you read a comic — particularly a creator-owned comic — and you want to call someone lazy or complain about it, whether because it didn’t come out on schedule or it looks rushed or something like that, consider that the guy/gal who made that is probably stretched to the breaking point and is still so committed to this thing he/she loves that he/she did it to the best of his/her ability. There’s plenty of stuff that doesn’t appeal to me, but the folks doing that work are still working long, long hours with very little reward except the actual story they’ve told, and they deserve respect and admiration for that level of dedication, regardless of their level of skill.

Matthew Southworth, qui clôt ainsi un long article de Multiversity Comics sur les conditions de vie des dessinateurs de comics.

Plusieurs d’entre eux, tels que Declan Shalvey ou Sean Murphy, abordent en détail la façon dont ils organisent leur temps, se débrouillent pour vivre de leur activité, essaient de trouver le meilleur compromis entre un résultat de qualité et le respect de l’échéance etc.

Une lecture intéressante pour comprendre la différence qui existe entre le fait de travailler pour Marvel/DC ou faire du creator-owned, outre le fait de travailler sur ses propres créations : les revenus mais aussi les risques pris, notamment.

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