I find it fascinating how Marvel books, including the X-Men, are generally more optimistic and hopeful than the entire DC line, what do you think has caused such a paradigm shift? People used to say DC was the optimistic one and Marvel was grimdark, yet that now seems jarring to a new reader like myself (even the movies are more optimistic)


I think DC’s had a real problem for a number of years, and it’s only grown more pronounced in recent years, in that they’re a bit more in tune with the Marvel style (or what they think the Marvel style is.) They’ve bought into the common rap that their characters are irrelevant old-school boy scouts that don’t appeal to readers today because they’re hokey—all of that sort of stuff. And so the folks working over there seem to go to such great pains to try to disprove such feelings that they go, in my opinion, too far the other way—they throw out the very things that make those characters primal and iconic in trying to recast them as pseudo-Marvel characters. But a world in which Superman or Green Lantern are hated and feared by a humanity they’re sworn to protect doesn’t really make a lot of sense on an emotional level. It’s not what those characters are about.

But as long as what they’re doing is successful and working for them, what do I know?

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